Quotable Poe Week One-Mandy Kocsis-Troxell

Quotable Poe Week One-Mandy Kocsis-Troxell

Heretics, Lovers, and Madmen

Nevermore shall I love again

And nevermore will love break me

I’ll rise stronger than the strongest of Ravens

With a darkness that might actually save me.

Never will I stand there, bleeding

A tell tale heart dying from their deceiving

With gaping wounds too deep to be seen

For nevermore will I love.

I’ve come to understand, you see

Some things in life aren’t meant for me

I’ve loved with a love that was more than love

And now I’ll love the memory

But nevermore will I love.

I’ll rise like the Raven and never look back

With wings to match the darkest black

And eyes that see the smallest lie

At home in the darkest midnight sky

And nevermore will I love.

© 2019  Mandy Kocsis-Troxell

Mandy Kocsis-Troxell was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan; a fact she takes immense pride in. A Presidential Academic Fitness Award recipient…

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