Allane Sinclair

Allane Sinclair is an Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Photographer from Aberdeen in Scotland, U.K. After a long gap in her career and with her family all grown up, she finally graduated from College with an HND in Visual Communication at the age of 50.


Working with author, Kindra M. Austin, she designed and illustrated the covers for Magpie in August in April, 2017 and *Constant Muses in December of the same year. Austin’s third book, For You, Rowena, published in August, 2018, is their third collaboration.

Sinclair has a long history in the Creative Industry, with an eclectic collection of work that encompasses illustration, photography, corporate design and screen printing. She finds inspiration in just about everything and is happiest when she’s creating art. She also dabbles in writing.

You can find these and other examples of her work @

*cover design only



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Logo for One For Sorrow designed by Allane Sinclair


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