How to Submit



One for Sorrow Guest Writer Submissions

1) You may submit one piece of original, unpublished (including online) dark fiction via our contact page. Please keep your submissions between 750-1000 words, and only send one piece at a time. However, if you are interested in submitting a serial, you may send the whole document as a word doc.

2) We ask that you allow us two weeks to respond to single piece submissions, and four weeks for serial submissions.

3) Please provide a brief bio, no more than 150 words, and a link to where you publish your work.

5) If we do not accept your work for publication, your submission will be immediately deleted from our files. Please feel free to submit something new.

6) Dark fiction is sometimes used as a synonym for dark fantasy, a fantasy story with horror elements. In Goth fiction, dark fiction can mean Gothic literature, a Victorian form of horror literature where the emphasis is on suspense rather than gore.

*Please do not submit gratuitous gore, or works that glorify sexual abuse of any kind.